When it comes to being beneficial, herbs should be in the top tier. By growing herbs in your garden, you can enjoy the good looks, fragrance, tastiness, and medical properties these plants hold. They can give your garden a formal look, as well as a fancier touch.

The question is how to grow herbs. It will depend upon your garden’s space and making the most of that place.

Let’s go over some herb garden ideas for indoor and outdoor orchards that will make you replace other plants with herbs!

Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

If you do not have an outdoor garden but are still passionate to grow herbs, we bring seven great indoor herb garden ideas you can try. Let’s discuss each of them in detail.

1-) Windowsill


The first on our list for indoor herb garden ideas is the windowsill setup. All you need is a kit with three planters, and it is very easy to install. Herb seeds such as Chives, Sage, and Basil best suit the planters of such size.

Install the kit to the window of your kitchen to benefit from the great fragrance of culinary herbs. If you’re wondering how to attach the planters to your window without a sill. We suggest you use the window sill suction cup shelves. Your windowsill might not be wide enough to hold the planter as well. With this suction cup shelve, you can position your planters just at the right spot.

2-) Recycled Bottles

Recycled Bottles

The second in our list of indoor herb garden ideas is using eco-friendly recycled grow bottles. With the wine bottles, you get access to your own small hydroponic growth system right in your kitchen. If you choose a high enough bottle, you can place it next to the kitchen window for better access to light.

It best suits people who do not have any earth fragment to grow their herbs. As the design employs a hydroponic system, you do not need soil. It means lesser mess and untidiness in your kitchen. Have a go at this design if you prefer a clean kitchen with fresh air.

3-) Self-Watering Pots

Self-Watering Pots

Are you too busy to take care of your plants? Yet love to have the air of herbs around you. It could be one of the best herb garden ideas. Get a pot and attach a water container underneath it. Punch a hole in the pot’s base and install a shaft that acts as a liaison between the two areas. Fill the pot with soil and plant your favorite herb seed. Make sure to check periodically and keep the water container full for the healthy growth of your plant.

4-) Container Garden

Container Garden

If you do not have enough outdoor space for herb gardens but have plenty of areas you can use indoor, this idea might suit you. By utilizing the free space in your house, you can place pots and fill them with herbs.

If your pots include culinary herbs, you can place them near your kitchen door to give the area a related fragrance. This idea allows flexible and creative positioning of the pots. Furthermore, you can put flower pots in the garden to give it a more refreshing look. However, make sure the pots maintain a reasonable distance from each other to allow proper growth of the herbs.

5-) Basket Garden

Basket Garden

Like the container garden, if you have an indoor space you can utilize for herbs, this idea is for you. You would surely have some baskets lying around that you use when shopping for groceries. It’s time to put them to work.

Fill these baskets with soil and place them in the area you want, preferably the kitchen. Make sure the baskets are free of any holes or crevices. You can use a combination of different types of baskets to give it a unique look. Plant each basket with varying seeds of herb to provide variety to your garden. We prefer to place the basket garden inside the kitchen so that it matches the environment.

6-) Hanging Shelf

Hanging Shelf

Similar to the windowsill suggestion, the next in our list of indoor herb garden ideas is the hanging shelf. The concept is to create a wooden shelve that you can pin to a wall, holding the herb planter. The items you need to make the shelf include cut pieces of wood, glue, nails, and paint to give it a decent look.

After you’ve made the shelf, all you need to do is place the pots that’ll hold the herbs onto the shelf. Try to put the shelf in a lit area.

7-) Smart Solutions

Smart Solutions

Apart from the traditional ways to set up herbs indoor, many smart solutions are there. They all allow you to have an indoor herb garden. There could be different reasons why these herb gardens may benefit you, such as low light in your kitchen. In such a case, smart herb gardens, such as this one from Click and Grow can serve you right.

The smart herb garden takes care of your plants for you. The lawn may come with a specific herb cartridge, but you can replace it with the herb you love. The solution is capable of providing herb with the right amount of water, nutrition, and air, at the right time. You require to have a power outlet nearby to power the system. Ensure you fill the water tank when it runs out.

What Herb Plants Grow Well Indoor?

Planting indoor herbs, especially near the kitchen, can be an excellent plan, as they provide fragrant foliage. When herb gardening, the plants that grow exceptionally well indoors include:

  • Thyme
  • Sage
  • Rosemary
  • Basil
  • Chives
  • Mint
  • Oregano
  • Parsley

Can You Use The Same Container For Different Herbs?

Yes, you can plant different herbs in the same pot. The only condition is that the plants must have the same requirements. Some herbs need more water than others do, and planting them together in the same container can be a nifty idea. Similarly, you can grow herbs that need more sun together and place them near a window.

Outdoor Herb Garden Ideas

If you own an outdoor area and love to grow herbs, we have plenty of information for you. Below we’ll discuss seven creative outdoor herb garden ideas in detail.

1-) Spiral Herb Garden

Spiral Herb Garden

The first in our herb garden ideas list is the spiral herb garden that adds character to your collection. The concept is to build a structure that moves upward spirally using bricks in separate sections. The use of bricks in the orchard’s outer wall gives the areas a wholly and solid look. The size you allocate to each section and the garden as a whole depends upon the space available.

Once you’ve made the structure, fill each section with soil, and plant the herb seeds you love. Here’s a tip: always grow herbs that need more moisture at the bottom of the garden. Plants more capable of surviving without water should be at the top of the lawn. It is because the top-side exposes more to sun and light, thus becomes dry more quickly.

2-) Vertical Herb Garden Planter

Vertical Herb Garden Planter

The second in our great outdoor herb garden ideas list is the vertical planters. If you do not have a spacious outdoor garden, make the most use of it by planting the herbs vertically. Are you wondering how this idea works specifically for that? Let’s find out:

The design involves placing the largest planter at the base and filling it with soil. Then place other smaller pots in order on top of it. By doing so, you get enough soil on the edge of each planter to grow your favorite herb. You can even paint all the planters with similar color, or a different one for each of them.

3-) The Grillo Design

The Grillo Design

If you’re looking to decorate a certain outer wall of your house with herb planters, this idea is for you. Maybe you are out of space with other plants, or you just want to give your walls a good look. In either case, it is one of the best herbs garden ideas. Quite simple to prepare, the concept behind it is to have horizontal wooden boards that hold herb planters.

Paint the wooden boards with the color matching your wall before tacking them up. According to the space available on the board, install nails or any other object of your liking that would hold the planters. Plant your favorite garden herbs seeds in the planters. Now fasten the planters with strings and hang them on the wooden board.

4-) Hanging Gutter Planter and Stand

Hanging Gutter Planter and Stand

If you love to maintain an outdoor garden in an organized way, you do not have to search for other herb garden ideas. Due to the compact look this design offers, it is a great fit to appear on your patio, as well.

The concept involves creating a wooden frame that would hold multiple gutter planters. These elongated planters hang from the ceiling of the wooden frame. As they interconnect with each other, the number of gutter planters that would hang depends upon the height of the frame. Fill with soil and plant them with herb seeds of your choice.

5-) Rain Gutter Planters

Rain Gutter Planters

It is similar to the hanging gutter and stand design idea. Instead of hanging the gutter planters from a structure, this concept involves gutter planters attached to a spare wall. If other plants already cluster your garden, and you have limited space, this design is for you.

Find a free wall near your garden and install the gutter planters in the pattern you wanted. It can be horizontal, diagonal, but mostly vertical. Fill them up with soil and plant your favorite herb seeds. You can even paint the gutter planters to match your wall’s color for a more attractive look.

6-) Herb Wagon

Herb Wagon

Next up in our outdoor herb garden ideas list is a creative design you can use to give your garden an attractive appearance. However, this idea is demanding, too. You will need a spare wagon to make it work. If you’re more of a craftsman yourself, you can have a go at making a wooden wagon too.

Once you have the wagon, find an appropriate place in your garden to position it. Fill the wagon with soil and plant the herb seeds you desire. Be sure to test your creativity to paint the wagon with the color that best matches the garden. You can even complement herbs with different flowers to give the wagon a more refreshing appearance.

7-) Herb Ponds

Herb Ponds

Last on our list of outdoor herb garden ideas are the herb ponds. As the name suggests, you can have different ponds of herbs in your garden. This design’s only requirement is the extra space you need to dedicate a whole section to growing herbs.

After you’ve outlined the area, begin by creating round sections for each type of herb you’ll plant. The number of sections, or ponds, you make depends on the space available. Plant each pond with the herb you want, giving the garden a variety of plants. You can also use wooden posts with the name of the herb near each pond.

Can you Grow Vegetables with Herbs?

Yes, you can complement herbs with vegetable plants and try out new herb garden ideas. However, you need to identify plants having similar requirements. A trick is to grow plants from the same family together. As most herbs repel pests and attract pollinators in the garden, planting them with vegetables can be beneficial. An excellent example is planting rosemary with beans, which helps repel beetle pests.

A Useful Tip Against Pests

Pests and herb diseases can negatively affect your plants’ growth. A good way to keep the insects away is using neem oil. The oil is natural and non-toxic, meaning it best suits plants like herbs that are edible. You can either spray the oil on the plants or drench it into the soil, eventually taken in by the plant.

Lastly, whatever design you choose from our herb garden ideas list, make sure you take good care of them!


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