7 Best Cordless String Trimmers for You

We always want to maintain our yard good-looking. But keeping it clean and nice is quite hard. You usually notice some pesky weeds present in your yard that can damage its overall look. Thus, many homeowners have a hard time making their yard spotless.

In connection with that, you may consider using string trimming machines you can get from the market. But, since there are lots of brands and models of string trimming machines, you can choose from, picking the best is quite hard.

We know how time-consuming it is to purchase the best cordless string trimmer. Thus, we made a post giving you our thorough and comprehensive reviews of the best battery-powered string trimmers available on the market this year.

So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading and enjoy !

1. Worx WG170

You may consider buying the Worx WG170 if you are on a tight budget. You can purchase this machine on Amazon with a retail price of $120 . It is very affordable and is rich with high-quality functionalities. It has a battery with 20 voltages. Even though its battery is not the most powerful one, it is perfect to use by a typical homeowner.

The said machine acts as a three-in-one coffee. You can use it for three different purposes. You can use it as a mini lawn mower, a garden edger, and a string trimmer. But you can still ensure that this machine is convenient and easy to use.

Most of the homeowners have limited storage space. If you are one of them and you own a small-sized lawn, this machine is perfect for you since it is versatile. It has six various head positions that you can choose from. Aside from that, it also features seven handle positions you can choose for more comfortable working.

Another thing that we love about this machine is that it comes with a telescoping handle. This only means that you can adjust its height according to your preferences. It is also perfect for tighter spaces since it features a straight shaft. You can perform clippings easily since the Worx WG170 comes with a clipping guard in a generous size.

It is also worth noting that the machine has a command feed system feature. This feature will enable you to perform your work continuously even when you leave it for a few seconds. You don’t have to worry about the unnecessary grass pulling.

We know for a fact that there is no perfect machine. Even though how expensive it is, you can still notice some drawbacks. The Worx WG170 is not an exception. Some of its users have problems associated with its build quality.

It is also not suitable to use for heavy works. You need not use it for heavy works if you want it to last for years. Take note that its battery life is short. It can only last 20 minutes of work. This means you need to finish your work pretty quick before its battery gets low.

  • It is affordable, which has a price ranging less than 120 US Dollars
  • It is a three-in-one machine
  • It has an adjustable head and handles
  • It comes with a telescoping handle
  • A large clipping guard feature is included
  • Command feed system feature
  • It has a short battery life
  • Low build quality

Considering its price, this machine is a decent one. It provides you with lots of advanced features, such as the adjustable handle and telescoping shaft, making it convenient to use. The problem with this one is that it has a poor build quality and short battery life.

2. DeWalt DCST970X1

We include DeWalt DCST970X1 into the list of the top 7 cordless weed trimmers since it has loads of things going for it. Its battery is 60-volts powered that will provide you with a sufficient amount of energy, which is enough in doing most of the trimming jobs. It has a price ranging from $250to $270.

As we read some reviews about the best cordless weed trimmer, we concluded that each one of them includes a machine made by DeWalt. The company is known for making power tools that are durable and suitable for heavy works. The DeWalt DCST970X1 is constructed to withstand heavy duty. Aside from that, you can also enjoy its three-year warranty.

It is packed with lots of features, including a brushless motor. It has a good functionality to provide you with more efficient operation and longer life. You will also be amazed at its cutting swath that is 15 inches wide. This results in the cordless trimmer to be one of the best. It also helps the user to finish the work easily.

It also comes with an automatic bump feed head. This will enable you not to stop working just to feed longer lines. You only need to make a bump, and you are ready to go.

We did not notice any problems with this weed cutter. But, some of its users complain about the size of its deflector shield. Also, make sure that you will wear long pants while you are using this machine. Another problem with DeWalt DCST970X1 is its run time. For a single charge, you can use it for one hour. But this is only true if you are going to use it in a low power mode.

  • It has a longer warranty
  • It comes with an automatic bump feed
  • Brushless motor is included
  • 15 inches of the cutting deck
  • Powerful battery
  • For heavier work, you can only use the machine for 30 minutes only
  • The small size of deflector guard

3. Ryobi P2060A

The Ryobi P2060A is an innovative machine that you can see on the market. Its battery is only 18 voltages. You can notice that it does not have the most powerful battery, but rest assured that you can perform your work as expected.

The said weed trimmer is very user-friendly. This only means that it is good to be used by any homeowner. Take note not to use this one for heavy-duty work. So, if you are searching for a machine that you can use for providing a lawn care service, we recommend you to choose other models.

Since there are lots of competing manufacturers of cordless string trimmer, it is quite difficult to differentiate a single product to another. But this one stands out. This is because it as an adjustable cutting width, you can adjust it from 11” to 13”.

The machine will also enable you to adjust its speed with the help of its trigger mechanism feature. Take note that putting it from the maximum speed, its battery life will get low easily and quickly. On the other hand, if you are going to use it in an ideal condition, its battery life can last about one hour for a single charge. Its charging time lasts for two and a half hours. If you want to trim your large-sized lawn, we recommend you purchase a spare battery so you can use it when the other battery runs out of charge.

We have noticed some problems associated with this machine. As time passes by, you may notice that its spool head gets loose. As a result, you might have a hard time using it for weed trimming. Aside from that, you may also notice that changing its string is quite difficult.

  • It will allow you to perform weed cutting work for an hour for a single charge only
  • It has a variable speed trigger feature
  • You can adjust its cutting width
  • It has a very reasonable price
  • You need to charge it for two and a half hours
  • You might have a hard time changing its strings
  • As time progressed, its string spool might loosen.

4. Greenworks 21362

Every homeowner knows how durable the cordless trimmer machines made by Greenworks. That’s why we also include it to our list of the best cordless string trimmer. They are known for developing cordless weed trimmer available on the market. The Greenworks 21362 is not an exception.

Aside from being an affordable cordless trimmer, you can also enjoy its amazing features. One of these is that it is compatible to use in a wide range of attachments. Thus, it is considered to be a versatile tool. If you want to use it with more power and lengthen its battery life, you may consider activating its brushless motor feature.

Varying upon the type of work, its manufacturer claims that the machine can last for about an hour for a single charge. But some of its actual customers stated that they only use it for about 40 to 45 minutes per charge.

The machine also comes with a straight shaft design. Since then, it can be used in a tighter area. Its cutting path measures 13 inches and is very lightweight, weighing for only 15 lbs. Thus, if you are looking for a very affordable string trimmer, you might consider buying this one.

Similar to the other products you can see on the market, you can still notice some imperfections on this product. You might find it difficult to load a new string. You can also notice that it is not capable of holding numerous lines as its competitors can.

Aside from that, some of its users stated that the machine’s battery behaves differently during the different climate. For instance, during humid and hot climates, its battery has a short lifespan and can be drained quickly.

This machine features a 40-voltage battery. Upon reading some reviews about this product, we can conclude that it does not have more noticeable problems. At a very low price, you can get a weed trimmer that is very versatile and has good battery life. Even though it can hold strings lesser than the other competitors, it is still worth buying. We highly recommend this product if you are looking for a cordless weed eater on the market that is budget- and user-friendly.

  • You can use it for about an hour after a single charge
  • It has a brushless motor
  • It is compatible to work with various attachments
  • It has a good powered battery
  • You may notice that it has an inconsistent battery performance during warmer weather
  • It cannot hold too much string line
  • You may experience a hard time reloading it with a new string

5. Toro PowerPlex 51482

The fifth machine we are reviewing is considered to be a mid-range cordless weed trimmer. If you want to get an affordable machine, you may consider purchasing the Toro PowerPlex 51482. Its price range is ranging less than $200. In its package, you can see an included 40-voltage battery. This trimmer is rich in nice features despite being affordable.

The Toro PowerPlex 51482 also comes with a brushless motor that will offer you with additional power. Aside from that, it also features a dual-line bump feed. One of the features that made us amazed is the one enabling us to adjust the machine’s speed using one finger.

The said machine has a trigger mechanism, enabling you to have full control over its speed. This only means that you can lessen its speed to save more power. When working with longer weeds, you can increase its speed.

A single charge for this machine can last about 40 minutes. But take note that the battery life will always depend upon the speed you are using. This is a little yet nice machine since it has a straight shaft that can be adjusted. If you have a limited storage space, the compactness of this device can persuade you to place an order.

Similar to the other machines we reviewed above, this machine also comes with some imperfections. You may notice that changing its spool string is quite hard. So, if you are a person who have short patience, consider choosing another machine. Aside from that, some of its shoppers notice that its battery wears out pretty quickly.

Being a mid-range machine, you can conclude that this one is not the best machine available on the market. But take note that the Toro PowerPlex 51482 can still provide you with unique works. One of the things you will love about this machine is its adjustable shaft and adjustable speed option.

  • It can be used about 40 minutes for every charge
  • It has an adjustable shaft
  • Its feed can be adjusted
  • You can use its dual line bump feed
  • It is reasonably priced
  • It has a more powerful battery
  • Its battery can be worn out easily
  • If you have short patience for changing its spool string, you might not like this machine

6. Black+Decker LCC222

One of the most known names, when it comes in manufacturing cordless power tools, is the Black+Decker. In connection with that, the Black+Decker LCC222 is one of their latest cordless weed trimmers that is worth buying.

The Black+Decker LCC222 is also one of the best weed trimmers that are also affordable. So, if you are on a tight budget but still want to get the machine that can give you the best work, this one is perfect for you. You can purchase it on the market with a retail price of $90.

Do you have used a string trimmer before? Well, we understand how irritating it is to bump the machine in your yard just to remove more string. Well, you will not experience that problem with this machine. This is because it comes with an automatic feed spool feature that will amaze you. With the help of the said functionality, you can save not just your time but also frustration.

This model of weed trimmer also features a standard straight shaft design. This will enable you to use it in tighter spaces. We notice that it has a handle that is not so impressive. You can see a small knob handle and a trigger section where you can place your hands. Yes, it is useable. But some users claim that it brings uncomfortableness and awkwardness to their hands.

One of the big problems encountered by its users is how the machine holds its string line. Most of its users are experiencing issues related to feed working. It is really annoying for you to open the bottom area of the Black+Decker LCC222 to bring back the string. But since it is a budget-friendly machine, the said problems are expected.

Generally, this is a good machine ideal for homeowners who have a tight budget. But despite being affordable, rest assured that its features will satisfy your needs. It is perfect for weekly trimming.

  • It has a sweeper option
  • It comes with an automatic feed spool feature
  • Straight shaft design
  • It works quietly and is very lightweight
  • You can purchase it less than 90 US Dollars, which is very affordable
  • Its battery voltage is 20
  • Its string feed feature might give you an inconsistent performance
  • Its knob handle is quite small

7. Greenworks ST80L210

In terms of cordless string trimmers, the Greenworks ST80L210 can also be your choice. It has a battery voltage that is 4 times more powerful compared with the other string trimmers available on the market.

If you are willing to spend a little amount of money for a weed trimmer, this one is ideal for you. It has a price that is more than $200. But even though it is pricey, you can get the more advanced functionalities that other inexpensive machines don’t have.

It is rich with innovative features, such as a brushless motor and a bump feed head. These two contribute to give you additional power. Aside from that, it also comes with a straight shaft design. This is perfect for many homeowners since it will enable you to work with tighter spaces.

In addition, it also comes with a split shaft feature that can be folded for more convenient storage. It will not take too much space when storing, which is perfect if you have limited space.

As stated by its manufacturer, you can use this machine for about 45 minutes after a single charge. It is enough if you only have an average size space. But take note that for commercial uses, it is still not enough.

This machine is not perfect. So expect that you can notice some of its imperfections. Some of its users have problems regarding with the battery placement and its clipping guard. They claim that the clipping guard did not help a lot for the entire lawn trimmings. It also has a strange placement of battery, which is located at the rear end of the trimmer, which might give you a feeling of unbalanced and awkwardness.

  • It comes with a brushless motor
  • It has a split and straight shaft design, which make it ideal for tighter spaces and good for storage purposes
  • You can use it for about 45 minutes after being charged once
  • Its battery is 80-volts
  • As mentioned, it has an awkward placement of the battery
  • You can notice that its clipping guard does not do its work properly
  • Its battery charge is not enough to be used for commercial purposes

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