15 Best String Trimmers For Perfect Gardening

Since the early 70’s the string trimmer has been giving us many uses for lawn or backyard care and upkeep. You may better know this product as a weed whacker, weed eater, grass trimmer or weed whip. The most recognized and utilized string trimmer would have to be the gad trimmer, but with everyone going green now, you can purchase electric or battery-operated trimmers. Try reading this string trimmer reviews if you are not certain how to look for the best string trimmer available. Since this product has been around for decades now, you can find an abundant number of reviews to sift through prior to shopping. String trimmers come in different sizes, shapes and brands, so it must be easy to find one that fits your personal or individual needs.

Weed eaters or string trimmers have been dependable backyard maintenance equipment for many years now. These handy tools enable homeowners to do weed trimming jobs quick and easy. It effectively cleans up areas that a lawnmower may not be able to do. However, if you are planning to buy this product now, of course, you want to obtain the best string trimmer available on the market at this point. These tools come in diverse features and capabilities. What is more, there are remarkably dependable and trustworthy brands with diverse models.

While this signifies an extensive array of choices, it also makes picking the best model for you so hard and complicated. We eliminated all the hard work for you. We reviewed some of the best string trimmers available online at this point and compared the price, design, features and performance. After reading this string trimmer review, we are confident that you will be able to pick the model that suits your needs.

Top 5 Corded String Trimmers Reviews

Everyone knows the significance of the clean and neat backyard, but how are we going to purchase a reliable weed trimmer machine? No one likes to spend more only for a small garden. This is where corded weed eaters are vital. They are perfectly sized for one person and offer the needed functionality to give the yard a clean and neat cut. Here are the top 5 best-corded string trimmers available.

1) Earthwise ST00115 Electric String Trimmer

Key features 

  • Three-position adjustable cutting head angles 
  • Automatic dual-feed 065 line 
  • Flip down edge guard 

This is one of the best corded electric weed eaters that works efficiently even in the toughest of the cutting job which is very functional, at 7,500 RPM. It is integrated with state of the art features that make this tool extremely renowned. It has rotating handles that enable it to charge from cutting to edging in seconds. 

What is more, this groundbreaking trimmer comes with a remarkable telescoping shaft with an auxiliary handle, which allows you to settle on angles you want. You can change the rotation and the height according to your wants, thus providing your garden a polished, neatly looks. It is also integrated with an automatic dual-line feed for more straightforward and stress-free operations. 

The cutting head of the trimmer comes with three adjustable choices for cutting; the edge guard provides security to what you may need to leave out when doing the cutting, providing a properly-maintained professional done garden. 

  • Automatic dual-line feed
  • Easy to adjust for cutting
  • Telescopic shaft
  • Rotating handle
  • Battery drains fast
  • No extra edging ability
  • Low power

Editors Rating: 9.0

2) Black + Decker GH900 String Trimmer 

Key Features

  • POWERDRIVE and 6.5 amp motor 
  • Automated FEED SPOOL- AFS
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design 
  • 2-in-1 Trim or Edge 
  • Cord retention system 
  • 13-inch cut path 

The Black + Decker GH900 is a powerful corded grass cutter available. This state of the art tool has one of the most excellent features available. It is renowned for its convenience and efficiency and has a high torque transmission with a 6.5 AMP motor function, so it offers the utmost performance. 

It has a 13-inch insulated wire that makes this tool easy to use and maneuver. Its exceptional feature is the integrated pivot handle that can be adjusted with ease making it the best super lightweight trimmer with a ergonomic design. 

It is also incorporated with the AFS feature, which is an auto-feed system, which ensures that this tool functions effectively without stopping from time to time. 

  • Super lightweight
  • ADC auto-feed system
  • 6.5 amp motor
  • Electric corded
  • Easy to adjust the handle
  • It has an only two-year warranty

Editors Rating: 8.8

3) Greenworks 21212 String Trimmer 

Key Features 

  • Pocket friendly 
  • Four-year warranty 
  • Can be used as an edger and a trimmer
  • 13-inch cutting width 

This string trimmer is ideal for small and medium-sized lawns. It is super lightweight, as well as easy to handle. It comes equipped with automatic string feed technology and the rotatable shaft. The integrated auto-feed technology makes it for you to change the trimmer into an edger. 

This corded string trimmer has 4 amp electric motor and a 13 inches cutting swath. Due to its powerful engine, you are able to cut thick grasses fast and with ease. 

You can customize as well as adjust the electric string trimmer according to your cutting needs. It comes with a telescopic shaft, which allows you to boost the length to diverse lengths. Also, you can change the auxiliary handle. It is easy to handle and super lightweight. You can also convert this trimmer to an edger by just rotating the shaft as well as adjusting. 

  • Easy to handle
  • Super lightweight
  • Packed with essential features
  • Only perfect for small and medium-sized backyard
  • Expensive compared to others in the list

Editors Rating: 8.5

4) TORO CORDED 51480 

Key Features

  • 14-inch electric trimmer and edger 
  • Powerful 5 amp motor 
  • Super wide 14-inch dual-line cutting head 
  • One step-walk behind edging 
  • Telescoping shaft 

TORO powerful corded string cutter is a reliable product, known due to its durability as well as powerful performance. It is armed with user-friendly features that make it remarkable gardening equipment. One amazing feature that makes this apart from the rest is that in just one push of the button, it changes to edging, the wheels direct the edger for precision cutting. This trimmer is also integrated with 5 amp motor, which makes it so easy to trim through the thick grass and weeds. 

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It is also integrated with a telescopic shaft that has easy to adjust handle, thus can accommodate all types of users. The dual-line cutting feature measures 14 inches, which is higher than other models, as a result, get the trimming or cutting done fast. 

  • Changes to an edger in just push of a button
  • Easy to adjust the handle
  • Powerful motor
  • 14-inch dual-line cutting head
  • There is an issue with line feeds

Editors Rating: 8.4

5) WORX WG 119 String Trimmer

Key Features 

  • 5-Inch cutting head
  • Telescopic shaft so you can easily adjust the height
  • Dual-line automatic feed for fast line advance with no bumping
  • 4-position head adjustment which is convenient for edging and slopes
  • Part of the Worx 20 V Power Share program
  • 5.5 Amp electric with lots of power

This string trimmer offers amazing performance with a very comfortable design and style. It has an ideal combination of comfort and control. One amazing feature is the telescopic shaft. This exceptional gardening tool comes with four positions easy to adjust head, which offers backbreaking jobs from cutting. 

Aside from the exceptional natural posture of this device, allowing it to be balanced without holding it, offering comfort during cutting as well as reducing pressure during the trimming process even if you do it for extended hours.

You can change this trimmer into an edger with ease. All you need to do is to rotate the handle while adjusting the head. This helps a lot in working on fences edges, driveways, yards, gardens, and many others. What is more, it comes with dual automatic feed trimmer line technology.

  • Dual automatic feed
  • Telescopic shaft
  • Trimmer and edger in one
  • Exceptional natural posture
  • Four positions easy to adjustable head.
  • Only available in orange or black color

Editors Rating: 8.3

Top 5 Cordless String Cutter Reviews

Now that you are already familiar with the top corded string trimmers available let’s now go to the best cordless weed eaters available.  For trimming down overgrown patches of grasses or scrub or even just keeping fences yard edges smart and look crisps, a string trimmer is a useful kit. There are many kinds available, which include gas-powered models and corded electric models- but one of the most renowned and most convenient models is the cordless string trimmer.

Cordless string trimmers combine lots of the perks of both corded and gas-powered with few flaws. If this sounds like the type of garden equipment you’re interested in, below are the top five best cordless weed eaters.

1) Black + Decker LSTE525 Cordless String Trimmer

Key Features

  • Power drive transmission
  • 2-speed control
  • Easily changes from trimmer to wheeled edger
  • Easy Feed
  • Use batteries interchangeably

Today, a lot of people don’t want to buy yard tools unnecessarily. Not just are they costly, but they also take up lots of space.  Because of this, a lot of manufacturers provide 2-in-1 methods of cutting and edging, and the LSTE525 from Black+ Decker is a good example.

This product is equipped with a 20-volt lithium-ion battery together with the freedom to carry out many applications by changing the battery. Taking about battery run time, manufacturers either likely to inflate these out of all quantity or not quote them. The maker of LSTE525 doesn’t provide any fixed details but, by giving a pair of batteries. You’ll get sufficient power to cut thick grass.

With regards to performance, this product is integrated with PowerDrive transmission technology so you can churn your way in rigorous uses like overgrown and thicker grasses.

For convenience, this string trimmer is integrated with the Easyfeed system that gets rid of all the guesswork as well as bumping out of line. You keep your eyes down, while this tool does all the job to your behalf.

Available with two speeds, you can choose increased run time or added power, it all depends on how serious or stern the job is.

  • Seamlessly integrated with the 20V MAX system, which allows you an extended scope of cutting job
  • Choice of whitPair or gray of 1.5Ah lithium-ion batteries, which doubles effective run time without pressuring you to dig deeper.
  • Double duty for wheeled edging as well as all-purpose cutting therefore great overall value
  • Easyfeed system avoids the need to bump the head
  • PowerDrive transmission boosts the torque and allows this tool to work on tall and thick grasses
  • Height is easy to adjust with textured and soft grip, which makes it pleasurable to use
  • The dual-speed control provides you amazing benefits, pick from more power or lots of run time
  • 12-inch cutting swath allows you to work fast and effectively
  • It is hard to clean or maintain this tool as you cannot use the water due to the possible damage on the motor
  • Tall users need to bend after using the height adjustment

Editors Rating: 9.2

2) Makita XRU02Z

Key Features

  • 7,800 RPM motors for faster trimming speed and performance
  • Ergonomic design
  • Compact size perfect for precise ending and trimming
  • Telescopic shaft enables you to adjust the length of this equipment for utmost cutting and trimming position

One of the best cordless string trimmers available on the market is the Makita XRUO2Z. It is a solid, quality backyard tool. It is comfortable and lightweight to use and at the same time provides many handy features and adjustments such as tilting head, edger as well as the telescopic shaft.

State of the art XRUO2Z `provides all the perks of a cordless weed eater- complete freedom of movement without the cord messing all around. There is also a need to switch outlets. What is more, there is no noise, no maintenance needed, as well as no vibration that is common in gas machines.

This string trimmer is super lightweight, it only weighs 6.4 pounds, is well balanced, and is comfortable and easy to use. It also comes with a shoulder strap for additional help when doing the job. It is easy to set up, not like other tools available out there that took you an hour to install. Like other string trimmers out there powered by battery, the Makita XRU02Z also provides lots of adjustments.

You can rotate the head up to 180 degrees to become an edger. You can also tilt the head into various positions, thus allows you to cut grass easily in tight corners. A typical metal guard is integrated that very well.  It is also integrated with the telescopic shaft, so you are able to set the height of this tool according to your comfort when trimming. What is more, it also extends a lot so you will not experience any issues although you stand 6 feet or more. It also integrated with an adjustable loop handle.

  • Fast recharge
  • Ideal for tall people
  • Amazing power
  • Long lasting battery
  • Overall performance
  • Costly charger and battery (not included)

Editors Rating: 8.4

3) WORX WG 115 Cordless String Trimmer

Key Features

  • Corded electric weed eater with dual-line auto-feed for fast line advance
  • Stands on its own
  • 10 inches cutting diameter and 2.8 amp motor
  • Molded extension cord hook avoids accidental disconnection
  • Integrated with dual-line spook of WORX trimmer like
  • Available with two-year limited warranty

State of the art WORX WG115 is a 10-inch electric weed eater and is considered the super lightweight and fast solution for a clean and well-manicured backyard. It has a dual-line feed feature that is an exceptional automatic feed trimmer line system. Thus there is no need for you to bump or tap the tool to feed extra line.

The automatic feed feature makes sure you have the best amount of line each time you use it. This backyard tool is made from an original copolymer nylon resin as well as synthetic material. It is made with an elliptical aerodynamic share intended to boost the cutting as well as an edging lifespan of up to 25 percent as opposed to normal use conditions.

The integrated patented resin enables the line to expand as well as a cushion on crashes with hard objects or surfaces. The exceptional trimmer balances allow this tool to stand straight on its own, so no more dropping it to the yard when done using or bending over to get this trimmer. At the same time, the molded extension cord hooks enable the wire to be covered onto the weed eater and to be stored easily with the unit itself—no messy cords. The auxiliary handle at the front enables more control while you are doing the job.

  • Reasonable price
  • 20-volt lithium battery
  • Auto-string feed as well as telescopic shaft
  • Combination of edger and a trimmer
  • Best for home application
  • The cutting width is just ten inches
  • The compact design has flaws and shortcomings

Editors Rating: 8.3

4) Greenworks 2101602 Cordless String Trimmer

Key Features

  • Dependable and reliable 40V G-MAX battery power trimmer for a prolonged run time as well as more power grass and wee cutting
  • Dual-line automatic feed head that has 0.065 inline cuts
  • Head-mounted motor and straight shaft make this weed eater well balanced for comfortable and stress-free use

If you want to put up some weight in a swap for a more powerful tool, then this string trimmer from Greenworks is the best choice. It has a 40V Li-ion battery so that you can use this trimmer for a prolonged period of time. The 12-inch cutting area will allow you to handle the whole thing in a short span of time.

The cost of a reliable, tough as well as heavy duty motor comes in weight. The Greenworks 2101602 weighs 9.2 pounds, which is heavier than other models.

It is heavy enough to leave you a bit sore by the time the battery is run out of power.

It comes with a head that rotates and allows user to edge with ease with the robust motor, even if you may need to go a little bit light on the trigger so as to keep away from utilizing too many amounts of string.  The best thing about this unit is that it is a little bit slow when it comes to woody shrubs as well as other specific tough grasses or weeds.  This cordless string trimmer is user friendly in spite of its weight.

In general, this is a good balance weed cutter that allows you lots of power as well as a utility at a remarkable expense. If you get, sore fast may need to look for something lighter.

  • 13-inch cutting swathe
  • Ideal for medium-duty
  • Automatic feed
  • 40V 2.0 mAh battery
  • Converts to edger with ease
  • It has a long shaft
  • Super heavy

Editors Rating: 8.3

5) DEWALT DCST990H1 Cordless String Trimmer

Key Features

  • The best string trimmer with 40V lithium-ion battery
  • Variable speed control
  • 3-year warranty/90-day money back warranty
  • 15-inch cutting path

Some believed that a weed eater powered by a battery doesn’t provide the performance provided by a gas-powered unit, which is wrong. DEWALT DCST990H1 is a very powerful battery powered weed eaters you can buy at this point. This product proves that this belief is definitely wrong.

If you are in the market for a very powerful string trimmer, then DSCT990H1 is ideal for you. It can easily trim through the thickest as well as hardest and even the most stubborn weeds and grass.

It is integrated with 6 Ah, 40V lithium-ion battery for utmost capacity, and it has a battery charger too.  What is more, this tool runs on the brushless motor, thus offer more run time as well as a long life span while enhancing the superiority of the weed eating. The good news is that this Greenworks weed cutter cuts through the whole thing.

It has exclusively patented gear drive design that allows for improving torsion as well as speed in cutting even on heavy load.  This is stored in a case of high-quality metal for security reasons as well as for prolongs durability as well as better maintenance.

What is more, the integrated Xenoy housing is hard, tough, and impact-resistant and offers a superb way of keeping the tool safe and sound without any harm for many years to come. The dual 0.080-inch lines have bump feed head, as well as 15-inch cutting swath, offers the most excellent performance, managed by you through speed trigger.  What is more, it comes with a cushioned auxiliary handle for fast and stress-free maneuvering.

  • Durable
  • Superb performance
  • Charger included
  • High capacity battery
  • Battery life may show an issue in due course

Editors Rating: 8.2

Top 5 Gas-Powered String Trimmer Reviews

A well-maintained backyard makes the whole household look clean and neat as well. A lot of people delegate the cutting job to a service provider, while some love doing maintenance of their garden themselves. If you’re one of those who enjoy gardening and love taking good care of your backyard, you have to settle on string trimmer powered by gas to do the work efficiently. Here are the top five string trimmers powered by gas.

1) Poulan Pro PR25CD (967105401) Gas Trimmer

Key Features

  • SureFire Fuel Delivery system
  • Fast pull starting
  • 16-inch cutting width
  • Armed with dual-line feed Tap N Go head for the quality cutting result
  • It comes with five extra Pro-Link attachments

A string trimmer powered by gas may cost you a lot. However, they stand out when it comes to power and durability.  There are lots of gas-powered weed eaters out there, but Poulan Pro PR25CD stands out from the rest as it meets the strictest standards of the environment.

This weed eater comes with a two-stroke gas-powered engine as well as built in amazing 16-inch trimming deck. Despite its durability and remarkable functionality, you can have this product for a reasonable price.

It is integrated with a amazing SureFire fuel delivery system as well as a spring that helps in pull starting the system. The dual-line tap, along with the go feed system, enables the user to keep working without no interruptions. So, you can easily finish the job.

What is more, this tool is compatible with five other tool attachments offered by Poulan. The shaft is available in curve design, which enables you to get under narrows areas, edges like under bushes as well as brushes to cut the weeds.

This cutter weighs 14 pounds, which is heavier compared to other models. However, that is common for a trimmer that is powered by gas. It is available with two years warranty, and the manufacturer has a reputation for providing only the best and most reliable products.

On the other hand, there are issues with the superiority of workmanship. Some complaints regarding the parts that wear out fast and it has a panicky feeder.

  • Cheap gas powered backyard tool
  • Curve shaft design
  • 16-inch cutting path
  • SureFire fuel delivery systems
  • Heavy weighs 14-pounds
  • Unreliable feed
  • Questionable workmanship

Editors Rating: 8.6

2) Weed Eater W25SFK Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer

Key Features

  • Straight shaft
  • 25-cc cylinder displacement
  • Simple dual-start system
  • 15-inch cutting width
  • Fixed-line kind of trimmer head
  • Lightweight design
  • Knockdown coupler offers fast setting up for easy storage and transport.

Each backyard deserves to be managed with attention as it involves trimming short, long as well as dense grass or weeds. When it comes to cutting and trimming weeds, the Weed Eater W25SFK Straight Shaft trimmer is the best tool when it comes to lawn maintenance.

Aside from being regarded as the most excellent string trimmer available, this state of the art model comes with a super powerful 25cc dual cycle engine that is able to maintain a smooth trimming performance. It is vital to know that this string cutter provides a wide 15-inch trimming width that allows you to cut down dense grass in an impressive time securely.

This trimmer is easy to use. All you need to do is to pull the string, and that’s it. There are no complex starting procedures. The spring helps lessens the hard work of pulling the starter rope by 30 percent. The simple application to utilize a fixed-line trimming head gets rid of the pressure of the winding line as well as bumping the head to advance line. The Weed Eater W25SFK also comes with knockdown couplers for fast and stress-free storage and transport.

  • Super lightweight for a string trimmer powered by gas-only weight 10 pounds
  • The simple dual start starting system
  • 15-inch wide trimming path
  • Relatively costly
  • Unbalanced design
  • Can be hard to start
  • 25cc engine which is limited

Editors rating: 8.3

3) Tanaka TCG22EAP2SLB Gas Powered Grass Trimmer

Key Features

  • Four-stroke engine
  • 54-inch shaft
  • Effortless S-start starting technology
  • Able to hold 13 feet of a string line

Another remarkable gas-powered weed eater that can be used in residential and commercial weed cutting jobs is the Tanaka TCG22EAP2SLB. This state of the art weed eater stands out when it comes to design. The best thing about this string trimmer is that it is integrated with simple controls, easy to operate as well as overall comfort. 

The state of the art Tanala string trimmer only weighs 10.1lbs upon being put up. This machine starts right away with the S-Start feature as well as a tough Walbro carburetor. It is also integrated with anti-vibration mounts as well as a lengthy 54-inch driveshaft to lessen pressure from bending on a constant basis. 

To give sufficient power to survive and stands out among commercial type weed eater, this amazing machine is integrated with a 21.1cc PureFire dual-stroke engine. The engine does not considerably put in extra weight or doesn’t have complexities associated with maintenance. The fuel tank capacity of this unit is 14.9 fluid ounces. 

Last but not least, state of the art Tanaka string trimmer comes with three years warranty, a 1-year rental warranty as well as two-year commercial warranty. This is also available in a 7-year consumer warranty. This gives you an assurance that this is a reliable product. 

  • It comes with anti-vibration system that works very well to provide comfort all through the trimming process
  • The lightweight engine is able to cut dense and thick parts of weeds
  • The fuel tank has a tough cover to avoid any damages
  • The 4-inch semi-automatic head makes working or operating stress-free
  • Power switch is not durable
  • Engine not as powerful as other products available for commercial use

Editors rating: 8.3

4) Husqvarna 324L (967055801) Gas String Trimmer

Key Features 

  • 234-liter tank 
  • Four-stroke 25cc engine 
  • Smart start engine 
  • Heavy duty weed cutter 
  • Anti-vibration system with cushioned handle 

If you are searching for something better to take the gardening job to a higher level, then getting a weed cutter is a perfect choice. A well-mowed backyard, as well as a perfect garden, looks great. On the other hand, a weed cutter is able to assist you in putting those finishing touches on the outdoor area, which can make a huge difference. 

A weed cutter is able to fix up lawn edges and get the hardest grass, which mower is not able to reach. One of the best string trimmer available on the market today is the Husqvarna 324L. It is integrated with remarkable features that make your trimming fun and stress-free. 

This string trimmer is integrated with a 25 cc four-stroke engine that is powerful enough to cut dense grass. It is made for heavy duty applications, and the big tank enables for hours of application without the need to refill the fuel. With this amazing machine, you are able to cut lots of grasses and weeds. 

This is also integrated with a purge system that gets rid of air from the carburetor, while the fuel system makes sure this unit starts fast. It is also integrated with Smart Start Engine that needs a small effort to start. There is nothing more annoying as well as frustrating than a tool that won’t start. Therefore this is a remarkable feature that you must look for in a machine. 

This is also integrated with a swivel-mounted trim head that makes it possible to make some modifications; it all depends on personal option or choice. On the other hand, this considered one of the heaviest string trimmer available on the market today as it weighs 17lbs, so it may need a harness in order to avoid yourself from tiring fast. It comes with a straight shaft design; therefore, it is ideal to use in open places. The integrated handle is well-padded and comes with anti-vibration technology for additional comfort. 

  • Easy to use a string trimmer
  • Anti-vibration technology makes it comfortable to use
  • Padded handle
  • Heavy duty and it will last for many years of using
  • Heavy at 17lbs
  • Can be hard to start
  • The straight shaft is not perfect to use in a narrow or tight area.

Editors Rating: 8.2

5) Remington RM2510 Rustler Gas Trimmer

Key Features 

  • Six-inch cutting path 
  • Makes use of thick 0.0095-inch string 
  • QuickStart technology 
  • Curved shaft design 
  • Cheap gas powered string trimmer

If you are in the market for a cheap but reliable straight shaft string trimmer, look no further than RM2510 from Remington. State of the art RM2510 is a very popular gas-powered string trimmer for commercial and residential feeds not only because of its reliability but due to its low price. However, there are some issues reported, but they are minimal.

This amazing tool shares all the perks of a weed eater powered by gas-solid power, comprehensive freedom of movement as well as not messing cord. What is more, the life of the battery lasts for many hours for constant and continuous trimming.

It is easy to assemble, as well. All you need to do is to reposition the cushioned handle and set it up onto the ground. Both attaché with wing nuts, so there is no tool needed, and you can complete the installation process for five minutes.

This is not a heavy duty gas powered string trimmer. On the other hand, the power is enough for residential needs. The string rips in dense weeds or vines easily, but many some complained the grass get entangled in the drive shaft. 

This string trimmer also makes use of a curve shaft design- there isn’t much difference in performance. However, a lot of users find it to be comfortable to utilize as well as controlling is easier. It can also be easier to operate in tight areas, like, for instance, walls or near fences. 

  • Very powerful machine
  • Solid power
  • Cheap compared to other models
  • Not perfect for taller people
  • Low quality
  • Grass entangled on the drive shaft most often

Editors rating: 8.1

How Does a Weed Eater or String Trimmer Function?

A weed eater is a garden power tool that can be powered by gasoline, rechargeable battery, or electricity. They work with the use of string made of a very flexible monofilament, which rotates at high velocity; thus, it becomes stiff to trim grass and weeds. This movement makes this yard equipment very identical to a standard lawnmower since both use a horizontal spinning movement to cut through sharp blades of weeds and grass patches.

What are the Different Types of String Trimmer?

A string trimmer is available in three options;  gas, corded, and cordless. Each one comes with individual pros and cons. The best model for you depends on various conditions like the size of your backyard, how often you utilize the tool, and other personal choices. Let’s review the various kinds of string trimmer available:

Gas String TrimmersA string trimmer powered by gas is the best choice as it provides complete mobility as you are not tied down to a battery operating or electrical wire life. This makes this type of weed whacker the best option for those with large backyards. What is more, a gas string trimmer provides more power as opposed to the corded model. They work best for heavy duty trimming like thick patches of weeds and grass and overgrown corners. However, it also comes with a downside like it produces an annoying sound that can be bothering to nearby houses.

What is more, it also produced harmful gas fumes, which make them not eco-friendly. Sometimes the pull start takes many tries to start, which is very inconvenient. This is also heavier compared to corded models since you will need to put up a gas or oil. This is also the most expensive model with a price range of $200 to $500.

Cordless Electric String Trimmers

A string trimmer that is battery operated provides you full freedom from extension wire and gas for simple maneuverability. What is more, the cordless model can be used in just one press of a button. This also works silently and even lighter compared to the gas model. It requires low maintenance and, most of all, very eco-friendly. One fantastic perk is reasonable, with a price that ranges from $80 to the cheapest and $200 the expensive models.

On the other hand, the downside is that your usage is limited to the battery’s lifespan. So, meaning it is not ideal for large properties. This is also heavier and if you need to spend more for a spare battery. This is also not ideal for a consistent heavy duty job.

Corded Electric String Trimmers

Corded models provide the best perks for residential owners with a small garden or access to many outdoor power outlets. This type of string trimmers provides unlimited runtime, as you never need to worry about emptying the gas tank or battery power. These are also the lightest and no need maintenance. They start quickly and function quietly and have a lower operating expense than gas models. These are the cheapest types of weed cutter you can find today, with a price that starts from $25 to $80.

However, it also comes with drawbacks like a limited coverage area as you’re connected to an extension cord. This makes this cutter just practical to use for a smaller backyard. Also, it has less power compared to a gas-powered model. Therefore heavy duty trimming is not efficient.

What to Look for When Buying a String Trimmer?

Lawn mowing leaves unsightly grass and weeds around trees, walkways, flowerbeds as well as fences that you need to remove manually. Why not opt to a string trimmer. This is a powerful and effective way of getting rid of grass totally and completely.

There are many kinds of string trimmers available, making it hard to pick the best one. Let us review the features that you must consider prior to buying a new weed cutter to ease the burden of getting the best one.

Shaft Style

String trimmers have three types of shaft; curved, adjustable, and straight. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. A straight shaft is ideal for cutting tight corners or areas due to its inline design. What is more, it is also ideal for getting under areas like decks, benches, and shrubs. However, it has a downside, too, like hard to control. A curved shaft, on the other hand, provided better control due to the curved design that enables you to reach tight areas with no trouble. But, it also has a downside like hard to maneuver under decks and bushes. Straight and curved shaft features an easy to adjust shaft that enables you to alter the height of the tool. This is highly suggested as it enables you to reach areas that you couldn’t reach. 

Single or Dual-Feed Line

Weed cutters are made with either one or two feed lines. A single line head enables stress-free winding when setting a new trimming line. It is ideal for a small lawn or garden. However, if you are searching for a tool that is able to cut a bigger lawn, then settle on a dual line. 

Feed System 

There are two kinds of feed systems in weed cutter that are the mechanics that manage how much the string is fed out in the head. The conventional type if called bump feed, wherein you should press down on guard in a bumping motion to release the line. This type of feed system offers further control over the number of lines you utilize, which is beneficial if you know what you are doing. On the other hand, this kind of system also boosts the possibilities of harming the tool as you need to use force to shatter it on the ground. 

The automatic feed system, on the other, has extended the feed line automatically. A lot of systems utilize the centrifugal pressure of the spinning line in order to generate more lines when it begins to wear down. The main perk of this system is that you do not need to anything special to go on cutting or trimming. But, it is hard to repair when it breaks. 

Cutting Width 

Every weed eater features a cutting width in inches, normally between twelve and fourteen on average. This refers to space wherein the tool can cut down weeds without the need to move the unit. A larger cutting width signifies that you are able to cut more with less effort. This is ideal for bigger yards or those who want to finish the cutting job fast. The same way, smaller cutting width is ideal for a smaller backyard and has a smaller trim and normally easy to maneuver. The deciding factor depends on your personal comfort level, the needs of your garden as well as physical capability. 


An essential factor that you have to think of is the weight of the string trimmer. The fact that you’re going it each and every corner of your backyard, you want a string trimmer that is easy to carry. The weight of a weed eater ranges from five pounds to twenty pounds, so this is where trade-offs play a vital role. A gas-powered trimmer is likely to be heavy but provides the best and most powerful. 

Corded model, on the other hand, is lightweight, weighing only five pounds, and the working range is very limited. For many homeowners out there that have a medium-sized backyard, this type of string trimmer is the best choice since it leverages amazing cutting power. 

Safety Features 

Safety is vital with regards to using this powerful tool for backyard work, and luckily many models available comes with amazing features to keep you safe and sound. It is vital to determine what you must be searching for, and it begins with a tough safety guard in the head. Some models come with smaller guards, ideal for seasoned users. Also, you must ensure that the tool doesn’t need you to come closer to the head, most particularly during operation. 

Other Factors to Consider

Some string trimmers available might be a part of a backyard tool bundle, providing leaf blowers or hedge trimmers as means of catering the whole thing you want to take good care of your backyard. However, always remember that this tool might not be as a powerful. 

It is also vital to consider the positioning of the handle and how simple it is to operate the tool. User-friendliness is also a vital factor to consider, as it will determine how efficiently you can use them too. 


By keeping in mind your budget, how heavy the job you will be placed on your tool, and the size of your backyard, you can find the best string model that suits your needs. Power enthusiasts and professionals alike can’t go wrong with a string trimmer powered by gas with a generous trimming width.

On the other hand, if you have large or medium size properties and average weed conditions will get the perks of a string trimmer that is powered by a battery that provides a lighter weight as well as a low price compared to gas-powered models. If you have a small yard as well as light, weed, and grass conditions can effectively handle their backyard with a corded model, which is very reasonable and simple to use or handle. What is more, it is noise friendly.

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